• Roper Is Helping Businesses Reach Goals Through Understanding And Insight

    Marketing in any environment is something that needs to be done with knowledge of the needs and desires of the people targeted. Most companies fail within the first year because they don’t understand this. Understanding the particular market is vital to the success of any company.

    This is where Roper Market Research specialists come in. We have valuable knowledge and expertise in gaining the birds eye view you need to be successful, both now and well into the future.

    We do all the hard work for you so that you won’t have to. Our teams use the latest advancement in technology and methods to research and gather information that will literally allow you to peer into the minds and hearts of your customers. If you give them what they want everybody wins. But how do you know what they want now? And how can you anticipate how long they will want it. These are the kinds of questions that we find answers to. And much much more.

    Upon request we will supply references and documentation showing what we have been able to accomplish for many companies throughout the years and can accomplish for you as well. You will be amazed when you see what we can reveal to you about your market

    To that end we will be using this site as a publishing platform for some of our case studies. Articles on different companies and niches will be discussed showing the differences between them and how you can benefit by having the knowledge. Those article will be found below this post.

    If you have any questions about these case studies please feel free to contact us at admin@roperasw.com.


  • Video Game Industry Discovers Micro Transactions

    Studies have been done that show many people will play video games to achieve goals in a video game. It does not have to be reaching the final level. It can be any achievement within the game.

    In order to achieve those goals certain features of the game much be available or unlocked.

    Also games that have content you can download tend to stay popular a lot longer than fixed games.

    These factors are what this article will focus on. Because they give us insight into growing trends, that when recognized can be extremely profitable.wallet

    Games like the World of Warcraft work on a membership payment structure with online monthly subscriptions.

    But in recent years the membership and revenues for the company have dropped off dramatically. As much as 50%.

    The ultimate goal is to understand what people are willing to spend their money on.

    What video game companies like Blizzard Entertainment are realizing is that people are more willing to make micro transactions. This is where the players make small purchases for certain things they need or want in the game.

    In 2013 alone Blizzard eared over $200,000,000 from micro transactions alone.

    For WOW an in game store was introduced where pets and mounts can be purchased. It would not be surprising if one day it was possible to purchased skills like professions or trades needed to level the game.

    The possibilities for such purchases could be endless. Since so many WOW professions need to be learned. Such as engineering, tailoring, skinning, mining, cooking, etc. Many money opportunities still exist for these kinds of micro purchases.

    For a large company like Blizzard Entertainment to move towards micro transactions as opposed to the traditional monthly subscription model is very revealing about where the video game industry is heading.

    Research of all the major gaming companies shows strong early trends toward this payment model.

    There can be no doubt that things will continue to move in this direction.

  • Steel Bars Market Research – From a Downfall to A Rise In Profit

    The Steel bars market fell over the hill with the start of the financial crisis. As years past, the market stabilized. Now steel bars are back on track with upward trends in earning and profit.

    USA and Europe are the main distributors of steel bars across the world. Italy is at the top with over 220.000 Tons of bars exported per year.

    ArcelorMittal (Luxemburg) is the most dominant company in the steel industry, with up to over 30 billion dollars investment per year and a revenue of roughly 105 billion $. The company produces about 10% of the world’s steel and is by far the world’s largest steel company.

    The main companies that import steel bars are currently building interesting types of Burglar Bars, Steel Gates or Window Frames.

    Tru Contact (USA) is one of the biggest importers around the world. They create steel frames and doors and have a sale range of over 40 million dollars.

    Secura Company (South Africa) helps you stay safe for over 20 years. Its manufacturing include Burglar Bars, Steel Gates and Door Frames, and the company is amongst the top exporters in our time.

    Countries have invested in the steel business for more than a century, but lots and lots of companies, old and new, thrive through the difficult market as the demand grows every day.

    The Steel Burglar Bars Business is in the top!  bars

    Investors seek this market as it’s in constant development. The possibility of profit is high, as new buildings emerge every day, and people always have the need for safety.

    Gate manufacturing has increased as well, with over 100.000 companies worldwide. Like this company that produce steel gates in Johannesburg Malron Engineering.


    Automatic Steel Trading Company is one of the leading companies in manufacturing Rolling Shutters and Gates (Manual & Automatic). Their quality is amongst the best and the proprietor Mr S. Chokkalingam is well known for his honest and transparent business dealings.

    Decorio is also in the top 100. The Romanian company creates the best steel gates around Europe. It’s also a branch from ArcelorMittal,so this firm brings top quality to the market.

    The steel business requires a large infrastructure. You have to think about the hard work behind it. Steel manufacturing is amongst the difficult jobs available, so you have to find qualified workers as well as expensive and challenging equipment.

    Also the steel products were hiked from 5 per cent to 7.5 per cent, which is a positive for steel manufacturing companies that are facing severe competition from the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean steel manufacturers. Those companies were dumping their inventory in the Indian market.

    The increase is a customs duty that will constrain this, thus it will benefit the local flat steel producers.

    So if you want to invest in the steel business now is the time. Our researches say it’s a great opportunity and has an outstanding potential.

    We have name several companies in this article that have passed our inspection points.


  • DJ Market Research – How Big Is This Market

    The DJ market is a lot bigger than most people realize. There are literally hundreds of thousands of DJ’s, making anywhere from a few hundred a session, all the way up to hundreds of thousands for a few short hours of work. DJ’s are pretty much everywhere. They are on the radio, on awards shows, in clubs and at private parties. Whenever there is a need for music a DJ will get the call.

    Quality lighting 300ppi


    In order for a DJ to be in business they must first hone their skills. To do this they have to invest in DJ equipment. Every year millions and millions of dollars are spent on this type of equipment. The type of equipment you purchase will depend on the type of DJ you ultimately want to be.


    When you are just starting out its okay to invest in lower quality equipment. No need to spend thousands of dollars if you aren’t sure this is what you really want to do. However, if you become serious about it and want to make it a real business you will need to pony up some serious cash to get what you need.


    As you can imagine there are a lot of DJ manufacturing companies pushing all sorts of equipment. It seems like a new company pops up just about every day. In this industry you truly get what you pay for. While I am not saying you should spend thousands when you really don’t have to, I am saying you need to take your time and do research on the equipment you want. If it’s being sold at an unbelievably low price you probably don’t want it.  dj equipment


    As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true it probably is. One of the biggest names in the DJ equipment arena is Pioneer. They have everything you need if you are trying to be a serious DJ. From speakers, to media players, to mixers to software. Whatever you need they have it. Other good brands include American DJ, Behringer, Denon, Gator and Odyssey just to name a few.


    Big cities are going to be the biggest consumers of this equipment. One of the biggest cities in the US is Chicago. And this city has a lot of different kinds of DJ’s who specialize in all kinds of different parties. A lot of Chicago area DJs are into the wedding niche. The page we linked to here is one of those. Like we said, whenever there is a party, and a need for music, DJ’s,will be on call.


    So this market is a stable one with a lot of potential for growth. With our proprietary research we have been able to identify the segments of this markets which are that most poised for growth.

  • Roofing Research – A Green Roof or a Rainwater Runoff Roof

    DCF 1.0
    When it comes to the type of roof consumers can use the choices are limitless. However, with this article I am going to focus on two. Green roofs and rainwater runoff roofs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, a rainwater runoff roof is bad for the environment. They contribute to the pollution in our rivers, streams and lakes.

    While this can happen in any area, it is more prevalent in cities. This is because in cities there are a lot of chemicals almost everywhere. So when the rainwater runs off it causes those chemicals to pollute the water.

    Both Penn State University & the University of North Carolina did research on roof runoff. Both studies showed a significant drop in runoff after heavy precipitation. Both studies also showed sedum roofs as the best tool to control runoff.

    The runoff from traditional roofs had more nitrates in it than the runoff from green roofs. It is also important to note the age of the green roofs being used in the studies. The ones used in the Pennsylvania study were three years older than the ones used in the North Carolina study. That plays a huge role on the amount of nitrates that were left.

    Another thing you have to consider is location. For example, Denver roofing would have a different level of nitrogen than a roof in California. The environments are totally different which will affect nitrogen levels.

    German researchers are now working on a way to control nitrogen and phosphorus levels during rainwater runoff. They believe they can use a certain combination of plants to accomplish this. Researchers at the University of Central Florida on the other hand think its best to use a clay medium instead of a planting one.

    Either way it’s safe to say improvements will continue in this area and you can expect green roofs to be able to transport rainwater without transporting as many pollutants in the near future.

    The pollutants can include anything from pet garbage, to chemicals like anti-freeze, to oil from motor vehicles.
    The most significant source of water pollutants are from storm water runoffs. So municipalities are making huge investments in this area.

    To this end many cities are embracing “green infrastructure”. Such as green roofs. Roofs can be designed to mimic nature and its ability to absorb the runoff. Welcome to the future.

    Roofing companies all over the world are taking on this challenge.

    We expect green roofing to be a major trend in the coming years. It is a major investment opportunity for anyone.

  • The Most Important Research We Have Ever Done

    Sadly the diabetes market is gigantic. It is one of the largest markets in the world according to extensive research and data from multiple sources that we have gathered. The last thing we want is to profit off of misery and suffering of others. Although we realize that is the goal of many individuals and organizations we have come in contact with is just that.


    Instead we would like to use our superior knowledge and expertise in the field to find a way for people to benefit financially from finding a solution to this worldwide scourge. Our goal is to instead find a way to show how companies can profit off of finding a solution for this absolute tyrant to society.

    First we will share what we have uncovered about this lucrative field.

    The first question is why is it so profitable to not cure this disease?

    The answer lies in the increase in the global population of diabetes positive individuals. According to one study the increase in 3% per year in type 1 diabetes of people under 14! This is the main driving force in the market.

    Companies are investing in expansion of facilities to produces insulin to supply this new market.

    We at market Roper believe this is very unethical. From the research we have done we have uncovered a way to easily reverse the condition. Companies we are aware of are profiting from helping people eliminate diabetes instead of treating the symptoms of the malady.

    All of the vendors who stand to profit from this progressive expansion are the drug company vendors.

    The trend for them is to focus on emerging markets.

    We don’t want to make ourselves sick by trying to focus on what are the driving forces that challenge the growth of this market. Instead we want to stay driven to find new ways to actually shrink this market. We could never think about expansion.

    So is there a way to prevent or reverse it? Instead of sitting here and trying to show you how to profit from this we will instead show you the solution and the cause. Are you ready to find the truth? Reverse Diabetes.